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Metrex Canister Express™ Liquid Medical Waste Disposal

Canister Express™ is a liquid medical waste solidification product. It was engineered to solidify liquid medical waste in suction canisters from the bottom up.

  • Quickly solidifies blood and other bodily fluids from medical procedures
  • Helps comply with Department of Transportation regulations for the proper transport of liquid medical waste
  • Protects healthcare workers from exposure to potentially hazardous fluids
  • Eliminates spilling, splashing and aerosolization
  • Available in uni-dose and multi-dose sizes
Catalogue Number Description Unit Measurement
METRMX50-5054 Solidifies up to 1,200 cc Case/64 Each
METRMX50-5058 Multidose – Solidifies up to
16,000 cc
Case/20 Each