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Metrex VioNexus™ No Rinse Spray

VioNexus™ No Rinse Spray is an alcohol-based hand sanitizer for protection against bacteria when hands are not visibly soiled.

Repeated application of VioNexus™ No Rinse Spray enhances antimicrobial effects while moisturizing and soothing the skin. When dispensed using the No-Touch Dispenser, it helps mitigate cross-contamination while relieving over-stressed hands.

  • Kills germs without running water
  • Emollients help prevent dry, irritated skin and leave hands feeling soft
  • No water or towels needed, minimizing cross contamination
  • Fast drying for quicker donning of gloves
  • Latex compatible

DIN: 02248463

Catalogue Number Description Unit Measurement
METRMX1800 1 L Case/6 Each
METRMX1810 No-Touch Dispenser for 1 Litre products Each
METRMX1811 Replacement Pump for No-Touch Dispenser Each
METRMX1820 Dispenser Tray for No-Touch Dispenser Each
METRMX1830 Manual Dispenser for 1 Litre products Case/10 Each
METRMX1831 Dispenser Tray for Manual